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The New Era - Live at February's 7/26/1986

Here are just a few of the video chapters from the original. The full length video (of all these chapters spliced together) from YouTube is on the main blog page...

O.K. The second song in this video was the song I was discussing with my friend Kevin on my Facebook page about a year or so ago. The song is called: "If You Believe." Now, the funny thing about this song, is that part in the Chorus that sounds EXACTLY like that R.E.M. song: 'Man on The Moon' -which seemed to be a big hit for them - some time after I wrote the 'If You Believe' song. I think the R.E.M. track was actually released in 1992. (About 6 years after I wrote 'If You Believe'). In fact, for whatever it's worth, I thought I was hearing things, and couldn't believe it, (no pun intended), when I first heard the song for the first time on the radio. Could be a complete coincidence, I don't know. Just thought it was an interesting bit of trivia there, and just couldn't help mentioning it. But yea, I was pretty taken aback by it, to say the least; yet also thought it was kinda' cool I guess...

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