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The New Era - Song for Caylee

I have to say myself, I think the scene with the grandfather singing: 'You Are My Sunshine' (with particular emphasis on the words: "please don't take my sunshine away") and the sort of melancholy (and then somewhat surprised, startled, and frightened) look on Caylee Anthony's face is kinda' odd, and unnerving. (One way or the other). If you ask me. Just sayin'. They also say, most children have a very keen intuition about things as well. Is it possible that these two things sorta' like come together here in some way? May be...

In fact, in the comments of this particular video, more then several YouTube viewers (from 9 yrs ago already) seem to also pick up on it and nail it as well. Here is just one of those comments: "caylee looks terrified in this video, or very sad. possibly drugged?"  -LadyD1979

This video has been on YouTube for like 9 years now, let's see if they pull it down with this post. Hopefully not. But if they do, oh yea, I think that would indicate something. But yea, I always thought this scene with the grandfather was a little odd myself...


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