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The New Era - Loch Lomond Suite - Digital Single

This suite (or medley) is in three movemnts: I. Loch Lomond II. The Enchanted Lake III. A Walk In The Park

Had a dream about the song "Loch Lomond" recently, for some reason, (maybe because I had incorporated it into the ending of a song I had been working-out the lyrics to, off and on, for some time). In the dream, the music was incredibly beautiful, and the chorus you hear here was being sung by a choir, sort of like a fade in and fade-out type of thing, and then I woke-up. After that, I set my mind on experimenting with that part of the song a little bit. Sort of like making a musical collage', (or medley) out of it, based on the chorus, and combining it with several other things that I had in the works, when I had the dream. As many know, it is a piece that has been in the public domain for a few centuries now, and I always loved listening to the many different versions of it, especially around the spring season time of year. As it appears to be a spring-time kind of song. (And when it seems to be performed most often). I guess this is my version, for now. The other two movements I wrote myself. The 3rd movement ("A Walk In The Park") incorporates the chorus of a complete pop song that I also recently wrote, but have yet to record. The words and melody just sort of fit together, and (much to my surprise) seemed to work with the variation in the chord changes, to fit the movement. So, I thought I would just flow with the inspiration (as I improvised around the chord changes), turn on the tape deck, and go with it; And the result was a medley (or suite) in three movements...

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