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Facebook Torture Video: Suspects Charged With Hate Crime

I disagree with the narrator in this video, that the perpetrators in this crime should have their Facebook pages taken down, because now, everything is evidence! In fact, I can still remember the story of the Syko Sam murders, a few years back already, and which I had posted to my Blogger profile - with a link to his MySpace page. He actually had songs uploaded to his music player which he wrote and performed himself, singing about killing and torturing people! Eventually, MySpace did seem to take the page down, probably more in respect to the family of the victims, I would think. Or possibly, compelled by a court order or something, or maybe a court order requested by the families themselves, or quite possibly something else, I don't know. But the pictures and music posted to his profile pretty much said it all man. So, yea, I disagree. I think their Facebook profiles should remain as long as possible, and possibly used as evidence, as one can see in the video below. And maybe, they should even be remanded to the same prison where Syko Sam is at, to give them a taste of their own medicine, times TEN! Sad. But when you try to ruin somebody else's life, who never did you any wrong no less, yea that's pretty evil. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that kind of disturbing psychology myself, which kinda' interested me in this story to begin with, I hate to say. Ya know, sorta like a bad set of circumstances, through no fault of your own and all, that would sorta' like lead you in a direction like that to begin with? Because, you like more or less had no choice at the time? Making your own particular situation unique in itself? I'm sure there are others who can kinda' relate as well, in their own particular way. (Which is also probably why you have such an interest in the story on YouTube for example). Although, I am definitely not comparing myself with this particular kid being tortured in these video clips either. It's their psychology (and character) that got me. It could be any situation. That's what interested me... 

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