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Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil


Fake news my ass! I knew it man. I sorta' like knew there had to be something to all the (elite) pedophile ring stories that were kinda' being exposed on social media through the alleged 'Pizza Gate' revelations, that most people in the mainstream media especially, were sorta' like just mockingly labeling as: "Fake News." This sorta like proves (what I had believed myself), that it is not JUST about a particularly strange kind of pizza parlor. I knew there had to be more to it then just that. Now, here is a pretty credible individual within the mainstream media, Dr. Phil, shedding some light on the subject. And now, it's up to law enforcement to do some serious investigation and put some of these sick, sadistic, mother***kers behind bars for a VERY long time. Although I know, once again, it probably goes deep. It always does. Now we are going to see what our (broken) justice system (and law enforcement) is really made of...

For more videos and links regarding this story, click on 'Read More' at the bottom left of this post. Je**s...

The 1998 Interview with former FBI Agent John Connolly


God forbid, if I ever had a kid who was kidnapped, I would want someone from the FBI like a John Connolly on the case. Wouldn't you?! (I'm being sarcastic, of course). O.M.G. Not good. Once again, speaks volumes, unfortunately. And in the case of the Whitey Bulger story, it adds new meaning to the phrase: "The Making of a Monster!"

And again, as we can see here, is that whereas: "good judgement comes from good character, bad judgement comes from bad character." Moral of the story? Sociopaths should never investigate sociopaths. The outcome is never good! Enough said...

Tangled Web of Corruption in Long Island schools, police department, and DA's Office


There's so much damning stuff in this relatively little known book, it's incredible.

 Long Island, the place where it all began...

Facebook Torture Video: Suspects Charged With Hate Crime


My question here is, why were these guys so (stupidly) brazen, (besides being part of their psychological profile), that they would actually post the video evidence of their crime, for all the world to see, right on Facebook no less?!!! Hmm?

Who Is The Long Island Serial Killer?


The Long Island Police community (one of the highest paid in the country by the way), is (generally speaking) so incredibly inept that people are now actually finding dead bodies on the beaches there! (When you are about to think that our law enforcement can't f**k up enough). Absolutely incredible. Of course, I don't mean these comments for those decent individuals in law enforcement who do risk their lives almost every day, and who take their job seriously: "to serve and to protect". But, it is a fact though, (as Frank Serpico showed us) that the quality of life of a particular community (or the nation for that matter), is not only directly tied to those who govern, but to the quality of its law enforcement; which is a direct result of those who are ultimately in charge. That's how important rooting out corruption is. Hence, (as in how the investigation into the anthrax attacks were handled for example), the dead bodies now rolling onto the beaches of Long Island, speaks volumes. And amazingly, after something like 10 years already, (with the FBI supposedly assisting in the investigation), they still haven't solved the case! Mind boggling...

You do realize, that the bad guys, (particularly sociopaths & psychopaths) lose their minds when they see stories like this right? Oh, yea. In a different way then those who are mentally well balanced, and get angry in their own sorta' way, (which is normal, especially if you were a victim of a crime, or a target in some way of a particularly bizarre crime, or the parent of the victim of a particularly heinous crime for instance), but yea, they LOSE THEIR MINDS!!! Hmm, could there be a connection in a way?

The Cheshire Home Invasion Murders | ANATOMY OF MURDER


I can still remember how taken aback I was by the sheer brutality of these murders, when I first saw it on the news some years ago already, that once again made me realize, how this had become such a violent and lawless nation, in more ways then one. (Especially, with the unprovoked attack on Iraq still looming in the background). As well as, other things that also seemed to indicate a serious, intrinsic problem (and pattern) - which especially shocked me in relation to this particular heinous crime; such as the fact that the police did not arrive at the scene until something like 30 minutes after the 911 call. Nor, had they even attempted to do anything, such as try to enter the premises for instance, until the killers brutalized, raped, and strangled the mother, tortured and raped at least one of the young girls, dosed them with gasoline and burnt the house down - killing everyone inside! Except, Dr. William Petite, who (seriously beaten himself) manged to narrowly escape, while the cops waited outside...

It seemed so obviously and deliberately callous, indifferent, and negligent, that it had even prompted one viewer to remark in horror, in relation to an excellent video documentary about the story posted to YouTube (with embedding disabled, so I was unable to share it here), called: 'The Cheshire Murders', by posting such a cynical (yet pretty understandable) statement (in light of it all), such as: "Lesson: don't rely on police to save your family when in danger." -My email Wow!

Notorious pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli arrested on fraud charges

Texas Biker Gang Brawl Leaves 9 Dead - Bonds Set at $1 Million...


"YEESSS... YEHAHAHESS!!!" There is not a doubt in my mind that the criminal activities that these Biker Gangs are involved in crosses state lines. That in itself, among other things, should make allot of these as*holes a major priority of investigation for the F.B.I. for one. These freaks have been targeting me for YEARS now, for some reason. (And I mean, "YEARS"!) And I think I know why...
They seem to literally feed off of corruption. The lower, and the more sick and vile it is, the more they seem to like it. And the more they seem to be attracted to it. (The term: "DIRT BAG" doesn't even come close).
They are definitely one of the lowest forms of "Organized Crime". (And they are sneaky, and definite sociopaths and psychopaths).
I also have excellent reason to believe, that they are literally involved in everything. And I mean, "EVERYTHING"! That includes credit card, bank, wire, and mortgage fraud, and conspiracy. There is literally nothing that they will not do. Including, but not limited to: "Treason"! They are lower then dog sh*t.
In fact, they are probably reading this right now. I guarantee it. (They know, I know). It's always the way. "Your mama!"

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