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Paul Manafort Trial set to take big, Trump-related twist on Day 9

Aug 10th, 2018 Update: Pause during the Manafort trial? Hmm?

Yea, after the bombshell Rachel Maddow laid out during her show on Aug. 9th, and in the video excerpt posted on the blog post home page here in reference to that, this is kinda' no surprise to me AT ALL! In fact, I sorta' expected it - when I tuned in to the show the next day and it turned out to be a big dud!

Have to see where this goes, but I am not even going to get into why I was not surprised by this latest turn of events in the case (after what Maddow had said for instance) and with the transcript of the conversation between the judge and the prosecution being sealed and all regarding the matter. Oooo. "Transcript under seal." Sounds serious. Yea, right.

We know what they want us to know man, and where they really want this to go, it would seem to me. At least for now anyway, and as it has been for some time. Just one more thing in determining if this is really a credible investigation (or just bullshit to get ratings for the mainstream media) to begin with, despite some of the surprising things that I have to say, in all fairness to Mueller and the prosecution, have been brought to light in relation to their indictments in this probe so far...

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