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The 1998 Interview with former FBI Agent John Connolly

As I have mentioned before, having lived (and worked) in the very area in Maryland where they traced the source of the Anthrax Attacks, I have EXCELLENT REASON to believe that there was DEFINITELY more then one person involved in this incredibly bizarre crime. And they are DEFINITELY from the area, and they are still out there. And extremely dangerous. The fact that they traced both alleged suspects to the area itself, and specifically Fort Detrick to begin with, sorta' like validates this. (Whether they were involved in some way or not). So, it was quite obvious to me, that the seemingly deliberate botching of the investigation, was like some kind of bizarre mockery, by some VERY seriously sick minds. (But just want to make clear here, that I am definitely not anti-FBI either). But a mockery against who? And why? That is the million dollar question, that I am not going to get into here. Sure, it may have also been used as a pretext for an unprovoked invasion of Iraq, but there is way more to this then just that. It was also to change the very fabric, mindset, and soul of a society. It also seems to me, to be a clear indication of some kind of EXTREMELY weird conspiracy, to pull this off in the first place. And the fact, that individuals within the White House no less were actually on Cipro, allegedly before these events even went down! Indicates that someone (most likely a group of people, with sorta' like ties to certain individuals within the government in some way) had foreknowledge of what was about to happen. And being, that the anthrax laced letters were sent to several democratic members of Congress, who were outspoken opponents of The Patriot Act, also may very well indicate not only domestic terrorism, but quite possibly right-wing extremists - to possibly include other individuals who hold their particular strange (and criminally insane) brand of anti-government views, which could even be under the guise of being quote: "patriotic" Americans, who love their country, and want to rid the government of any kind of liberal ideas. (But ironically, really want to make it into some kind of North Korea or Nazi Germany). Sorta' like, a 'faction' of individuals who hold some pretty dangerous beliefs. But I do not want to necessarily confuse this with those who may consider themselves 'conservative' (or even on 'the right') on certain issues, as long as it is 'sane' and holds up to real, decent, common sense. Bottom line, something (ultimately) seemed to be pulling their strings, and attempting to orchestrate the course of events in some way. Blew 'MY' mind...

And it only goes to reason, if those who were involved in the anthrax attacks were specifically targeting these two senators, who else could they have possibly been targeting for example - that they may have considered a threat in some way? (Someone maybe, who they knew would be in the very area and at the very same time that these things were going down for instance?) In other words, could it have all been possibly planned in advance? Ya know, like premeditated? With more then one criminally insane goal in mind? I have my reasons to believe, that very well may have been the case.

But why? Once again, that is the million dollar question, that I am not going to get into here. (Because, among other reasons, and at the risk of sounding paranoid and all, the bad guys themselves are most likely reading this. Of course. If someone was a witness to a major crime for example, and/or knew something about that crime, it's always the way! I mean, just look at all the movies that have come out over the years, based on true stories alone, that are like that. The authorities of all people should know this. Forget about intuition and all that other stuff, it should be a no-brainer to begin with!) And it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Astonishing sh*t for sure,..

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