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Paranormal Witness - The Long Island Terror

Paranormal Witness S03E19 The Exorcist from ghostvid on Vimeo.


Moral of the story? Never mess-around with a Ouija Board! It's a trap. Stories like this really make ya' think, and learn. It would seem to me, that you really have to have discernment, to analyze anything, and to know where it is really coming from, and what is really behind it. In the natural world as well. (The real experts know this). And this, is definitely not an isolated case, from what I understand. So, it does seem like there is another world out there, that most of us cannot normally see with our physical eyes, but which we can possibly feel and discern, (or learn to feel and discern), and know that, everything in the supernatural, (or in the natural), is not necessarily good...

There is even a very interesting passage in the Bible, from what I remember, that goes something like this: "So you say you believe in God? Good for you, you ignoramus! Even the demons believe that, and tremble in terror!" And then, (as if to bring home a particular point he is trying to make to his readers), it goes on to say something like: "therefore, faith without works is dead!" (And I don't believe the writer here, is necessarily talking about 'supernatural' works either).

For whatever its worth, (although not being particularly very religious myself, in the true sense of the word), I personally think this is VERY wise, and pretty much, the true meaning of 'discernment' in a nutshell...

Note: Had to replace the full episode that I had initially posted here with the above excerpts, as the original was eventually deleted..


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