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Why Did Trump Fire FBI Director?

For whatever its worth, as I had commented on H.A. Goodman's YouTube Channel, during the time when the F.B.I. was still investigating Hillary Clinton's emails, all those months ago, I had predicted Director Comey would do exactly what he did. In fact, I had said something to the affect of: "Being that Senator Sander's is still in the presidential race, I guarantee they will exonerate Clinton." And that, "knowing the FBI as well as I do now, if they attempt to do anything against Clinton, it will be after Sanders is out of the race." And that is EXACTLY what happened! It was pretty obvious to me therefore, that Comey tried to influence the election not once, but twice! In fact, (with all due respect), in my opinion at least, this was so unprofessional, outrageously unprecedented, weird, (and even arguably breaking the law), that I believe Pres. Obama should have fired Comey back then. The thing now, about Pres. Trump tweeting: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" is another matter, and wasn't wise. Our country has some serious problems man, no doubt about it...

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