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Catholic Exorcisms Are Gaining Popularity in the U.S. - The Atlantic

It seems to me, that there are also certain aspects of Parapsychology that are quite similar to the study of Quantum Mechanics in certain ways, and in respect to the scientific study (on a deeper level) of how the Universe works (and operates) for example. As just one for instance, there are those who believe we are like living in some kind of Matrix (like a computer simulation) and that the Universe itself (and our reality) is something similar to a projected Hologram...

However, with these things being said, in much of the study of Parapsychology for instance, there is a fine line; and many (including myself) would wisely (and strongly) advise anyone to avoid things like Seances, Ouji Boards, Witchcraft, spells, Astral Projection, most forms of Astrology, and the like, as these things can quite possibly be a trap, and open the door (and be a portal) to some pretty dark and negative stuff. Although, unfortunately, much of this 'dark stuff' seems to be operating in the world already (for various reasons) and hence, the premise behind this post to begin with...

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