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DECLASSIFIED Tests Reveal Government Dark Side


"Yea, that would explain allot man, definitely"...

Anonymous - Biggest Threat to Humanity and Earth (Fukushima LEAK).

Baffling "Enigma" Discovered...

Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

The Mind Boggling, Little Known Truth about CAFR'S


Because of this FACT alone, there should never be anything called: "Austerity." (Or kids going to bed hungry at night). File this under: "Solutions"! - That they don't want you to know about. Now you know, what gives impetus to many of the career criminals and thieves especially, to believe they have a right to get away with what THEY do, and why rip-offs and scams are so prevalent in this country particularly; because it's the very same mindset! (And it's often selfishly used as a form of control). Corruption breeds corruption. And unfortunately, it is all too often that the honest people, (and the innocent) who suffer because of it. And then, there are the intelligent, seemingly forthright individuals like Foster Gamble for example, who do get it, and sincerely try to make a difference. (He is like 'The Buddha' of the elite!)

Although, I may not necessarily agree with every single one of his views about the role of government in a free society per se', (whereas I understand how he's arrived at some of his conclusions), we never-the-less do need more people with these honest and sincere character traits in government as well, before it's too late. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, (for whatever it's worth), the same ole', same ole' is just not working, we need a new paradigm - that works for everyone. Because, it is pretty obvious from this video (and subject) alone, that there is MORE THEN ENOUGH to go around. And much of that, is even earning compound interest!

There seems to be a solution for everything, when decent, honest people (wisely) work together for REAL change. Because, it would seem, as Foster Gamble himself very wisely points out in many of his videos and teachings for example, is that it is written into the very fabric of the Universe itself...

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