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One of the most incredible, awesome movies I have ever seen!


So, while I'm on this, I figured this would be an appropriate place to share some very interesting and uplifting music videos, that I also inadvertently came across over time, which (like this movie), particularly left somewhat of an impression on me. I think some Christian music can be so beautiful, positive, and encouraging; especially when you are going through some pretty difficult times. Really makes ya' think, if nothing else...

Here is a relatively little known cover song (that just seemed to come to mind regarding this post), that The New Era band used to perform live at one time, back on Long Island, (when a genre of music called: 'New Wave' was pretty popular), all those years ago. Just thought I would include it here, because of the title. "Heaven Is A Secret." I guess it (still) kinda' is, in a way. Either way, it brings back allot of memories...

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