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The New Era
Vito Masilotti



This track is pretty much based on my own memories (and dreams) of Christmas, and what many believe to be the real meaning behind the season; As, I also wanted to sort of like evoke images, and a musical feeling, if you will, of the holiday season, during the month of December. (Hence, the title). It therefore, also, sort of like, turned-out to be something of a musical collage', with somewhat of an expansion on the traditional: A-B, A-B-C; verse-chorus, verse-chorus-bridge, style of song-writing...

Note: The picture caption here is also just for entertainment purposes, and to represent the single online. I had never acutally attended this particular church myself. But, being that it was only a couple of blocks from my house in Walkersville, I just happened to take a picture of it after one of the snowstorms that had occurred around the area, during the Blizzard of 2010...

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