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Song for Caylee

The New Era
Vito Masilotti



This track was indirectly inspired by the recent events in the news, as of late, concerning the story of Caylee Anthony, and the trial of her mother, Casey...

I wrote the song to honor her daughter: Caylee. And, sort of, as a tribute to the memory of this adorable, little child; who was the victim of such a horrible, and presently, unsolved crime... 

Like many other people across the country, (who were fixated on this story and trial being played out in the news) I was moved to compassion for this poor little girl, and what she must have gone thru before she lost her life. It was, needless to say, a monstracity of a crime, and broke my heart when I first learned about it, from the sister of a friend, who I got to know on facebook some time ago already; And therefore, took an interest in the matter, and had pretty much followed the story ever since.
It also made me once again think about the great evil that we (unfortunately) have to deal with in this world, that all too often seems to target and prey on the innocent, the vulnerable, the helpless, and the least among us. May God grant Caylee's soul everlasting serenity and peace. And justice. "It's a lost, broken world..."
Note: I have to say, there were certain very mysterious things that I had experienced, which initially had inspired me to eventually write and finish recording this song, in the first place, that I am not going to get into at this time; Except, to say that, it is sort of related to becoming like a psychic-medium, in a way. (Part of it, I had shared on my facebook profile). I do believe, for whatever reason, there are spirits who have crossed-over, who may be drawn to certain people, in some way. Sort of like, even from the other side, these souls may sense and feel their compassion. And also, quite possibly, for other reasons, as well; If they sense that a certain person, or persons, has the potential, (or ability, if you will) to sort of like, bring them justice, for instance. There are even many unexplained, mysterious stories, in relation to this, that have come down to us over time. Unsolved mystery's, if you will. Things, that certain people have experienced that they just could not quite explain. (Or, "put their finger on"). It is very deep stuff, that even I don't think I fully understand; At this time in my life, anyway...



by Vito Masilotti

Caylee was only just a little girl; Making her way, through a lost and broken world. Where monsters roam unfurled.

Caylee was born in this fallen world. Caylee was born in a world so broken, it made us want to cry...


They sing a lullaby, like Caylee was alive. For the things that migh have been. A shadow of a girl now in another world, forever and a day. When Caylee went away.

Dancin' slowly on a moonlit night. The ghost of a girl, whose soul will never die. Like a candle still on fire.

The shell of a girl that she wanted to be. The life of a child, that should have been. Someone let the monster in...


Her spirit fly's away, forever and a day. It sails across a bay. And leads her to a door, and then another door. Oh, Caylee's gone away. But who can really say-where hope goes-when it finds its way...


Oh, can you just see it now? Her friends calling out her name. "Can caylee come out to play?" As they knock upon her door. They want to know where caylee has gone. But caylee's here, no more...

Oh, caylee's gone away. Little caylee's, gone away. Oh, caylee's gone away. Little caylee's gone away. Oh, caylee's gone away. (It's a lost, broken world). Little caylee's gone away. Oh, caylee's gone away. (It's a lost, broken world). Little caylee's gone away...    (repeat & fade)

                                           Copyright-Vito Masilotti-2011

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