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The Summer Wind (Go On, John)

The New Era
Vito Masilotti





This is a completely new song that pretty much wrote itself. It started with the melody, lyrics, and chord changes to the chorus coming together all at once. And therefore, decided to continue with that particular train of thought and dedicate it to a fellow musician and close friend of mine, by the name of 'John Sullivan', who had pretty much passed-away before his time. It brought back allot of memories of that time in my life, all those years ago; As well as, growing-up, hanging-out, and playing music back on Long Island, when I was a kid, and a young adult...

Note: I had uploaded the original version of this recording during the labor day weekend, being that I wanted to have the song made public, in some way. Before the actual end of summer. (And had therefore, sort of rushed the recording). I have since re-mixed and remastered the track, somewhat; while deleting the previous file. The track that I have uploaded here, is now currently the new version of the song.

And now on the: "And Then, Winter Came" EP...

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