It Wasn't Time

Vito Masilotti & The New Era Band Project

This tune was more or less influenced by a horoscope reading from the Long Island Voice magazine (that I still have till this day), and much to my amazement, as the saying goes, sort of like "hit the nail on the head." And completely "blew me away"; As I tried to make sense of it all. And which, eventually led me to leave the place where I grew up and spent most of my life, regarding a situation that I am not going to get into here. But, maybe you can relate. The following, is a quote from that same horoscope article...

"Are you familiar with the sudden, shocking realization that you are dealing with a moron? A willfully ignorant twit? A person who has deliberately wrapped their brain in insulating layers of stupidity; rendering it impervious to even the most rudimentary forms of logic? Well, if you're not versed in this situation now, by the end of the week you'll have enough material for a doctoral thesis."
Wow! It's always the way. I somewhat reluctantly mention this rather personal matter, as it is not my intention (or personality) to want to come across as a necessarily cynical person, in the wrong way. For in reality, I am someone who prefers to maintain a good attitude towards people and things, (in general), regardless. I think I am wise enough to know, to at least try not to let certain negative things that may have happened in one's life affect one's dealings with other people, in a negative way. You know? Like deliberately letting it give you a chip on your shoulder, (or a bad attitude) and all? (I do consider myself to be an excellent judge of character, in the first place. So, I do usually know who I can trust, or not trust, to begin with). But, the reading did kind of leave an impression on me, I have to say; and made me think. For that was exactly what was going through my mind, when certain events started to take place, and nobody else seemed to get it. Or, want to get it! Or, even want to understand. Or, quite possibly, couldn't even see it! And the time-frame, much to my astonishment, seemed to turn-out to be allot longer then just "by the end of the week." For sure. And, I definately saw the prediction validated more and more, as time went by. And even knew exactly what it was referring to, right then and there. And as I was reading it! I mean, "what are you gonna' do?" (As the saying goes). It did strike me as pretty incredible, though. And treated it, as kind of like a learning experience, if nothing else. I will have to leave it at that, for now. And yet, even though it somewhat influenced the lyrics to this song, I really never told anybody about it. Because, I sort of knew how sensitive certain people can be, and take it in the wrong way. Even, if true! And, even if it applied to them. (Rather, then take it as constructive criticism, or somethin'). And, how even, some (not so very nice) people could also deliberately twist it in the wrong way. (Whether, you mention it or not, anyway). If they pick up on it. (And sort of like, "jump on the bandwagon", if you will). So, I pretty-much kept it to myself. And, sort of like, mention it here, for the first time. (In a way). But, as I said before, I knew exactly what the prediction and/or reading was referring to. Once again, "what are ya' gonna do?" Oh, well. Such is life. (Sometimes, at least). It's definately a big "ouch" when it happens to you, though. For sure... True friends are those who will be there for you, when the chips are down. (If they can be, themselves). And that, was part of the learning experience, for me. And, in a real serious way, for that matter; that few people will ever really know, or have the displeasure of having to endure themselves. It also deeply increased my own compassion and understanding for others, who may be going thru similarly unusual circumstances, as well. (Without going into any more detail about it then that). Because, I firsthand, know what it is like. And just "walked a mile in their shoes." Or, maybe even fifty miles! (If, you know what I mean?) The whole experience, being a real "eye-opener", for sure. And in more ways then one... Just another somewhat personal revelation, in the creation of a rather personal album, and the reason why I took a chance and chose some of the material, like this song, for instance, to be on this particular album. (Normally, being way more personal then I would ever want to get, in the first place. But took a chance and put it out there, for several reasons). Hence, 'The Walkersville Sessions' CD. For, all these things also kind of led me to a place, (and a situation) that was sort of like inevitable, in a way. Much to my own astonishment, once again... Way too serious here. Really hate to get this serious. Not what I am usually about. But, once again, took a chance on putting it out there. As it also turned into a real challenge, that I had to sort of like work out. Once again, way too personal to get into. But maybe, some (really sincere) people will be able to relate, in their own way. As vague as I tried to make this, to prevent getting too personal. Or, leaving myself open to be easily mis-interpreted. (Or, tipping-off the wrong people). Which, of course, can still happen. And, there is really nothing I can do about that. But, I mean it, in relation to minimizing those chances as much as possible, in regards to: "sincere" people, who really want to know the truth... Basically, as many artists are wont to do, I just tried to create sort of like a story in the form of a "Theme" album. Hence, some of the unique lyrics, and linear notes, in reference to some of the other tracks, as well. And my reason; Or, my reason in my attempt at trying to explain it. To prevent any mis-understanding. For, as one should be able to tell by the style of music. One thing is for sure. It definately is not (hard-core) Heavy Metal. Nor, should it have a dark feel to it, therefore. Because, that is not how I am as a person. And in my own heart and soul. There is light in there. Not darkness. (Or, "evil". In the true sense of the word). The release of the album was an attempt at an indirect revelation and message (of "light") in some of the songs, that I wanted only some (sincerely good) people to get, in somewhat of a veiled manner, if you will. Without, hopefully leaving myself (or them) too wide open, and vulnerable, to "the dark fringe", as some say. (Pretty-much, the only way that I can sort of describe what I mean, right now). O.M.G. Too late, the album's released!

Taking a chance, and putting the album and the songs out there, was also sort of like an experiment, in a way. (As well as, being somewhat therapeutic). But, like most anything else, we're still a work in progress. (I guess). Even, in the sense, sometimes, of seeing what works, and what may not work. Musically, and/or otherwise... And not to beat a dead horse or anything, but being that much of this album was sort of like written in the style of the Beatles music, and all, I attempted to write some of the lyrics the way John Lennon wrote some of his songs. Which, many of his fans know, can sometimes sound somewhat sharp and admonishing. (Depending on the particular subject he happened to be writing about). But, even though he may have had that side to him, he was also known to be one of the nicest, and most caring people anyone could ever meet. (Even though, he may not have shown it openly). And that, was also reflected in many of his songs, as well. Like: "All You Need Is Love". In contrast to: "Gimme Some Truth", for instance; (during that period in his life when he sort of like had to deal with some type of conspiracy against him that seemed to originate from within the Nixon Administration). For whatever it's worth... In other words: "You live, and you learn"; as the saying goes. And, I guess, more or less, that is what this particular song is sort of about. While, also trying to put a positive, self-encouraging, spin of hope, on some very dark experiences. And, when I say "dark". I mean, in the sense, of when things may really look "dark" in one's life. And it seems like all hope is gone. I mean, what else does one have to hold on to? Except, "hope"? And so, this is also sort of like a song of "hope", (in a sort of "sharp", and "admonishing" kind of way), that I hope, (no pun intended), that maybe some other people (who really need it) will also be able to sort of relate to, as well... And NO ONE has a right to cross that line, and attempt to steal that away from anybody. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure-out the crimes (and psychology) leading up to, and quite often associated with, those who have deliberately attempted to do such things to other people. And what those crimes are usually called. But, I am not going to get into that here. If you want to have "hope" in your heart. (And not "despair"). This song is sort of like, for you. And me...

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