The Collapse of the American Empire? 

Okay, in this video, it reveals something that completely blew me away, and that I was not fully aware of myself. (And probably at least 90% of the American population, as well, for that matter). Here it is: "President Kennedy was the last president to stand up to the Federal Reserve, by signing Executive Order 11110, which empowered the US Treasury to issue real money, without the Fed! Kennedy's plan to dismantle The Federal Reserve had begun. Six months later, President Kennedy went to Dallas and…

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Corporate Raiders, Leveraged Buyouts, Private Equity Firms, The Dark Side of Wall Street, and Greed. 

Very interesting subject, that probably allot of people are mostly not aware of. (Except maybe, employees of a company that have been say, the victims of a Corporate Raid and/or Leveraged Buyout). But something, that never-the-less, has a major impact on the U.S. Economy in and of itself, in very significant ways, and which has become increasingly more and more prevalent over the last several decades or so, as another sign of the times. One example of this for instance, (and something that may be worth…

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DNC Staffer Seth Rich’s Murder Tied To WikiLeaks? 

Why would Julian Assange, (the head of Wikileaks) offer a $20K reward for information related to Seth Rich's murder? I would think, it's a 'no-brainer.' Just sayin.' It seems, that when anyone really wants to know the truth (in this country, and among our political leaders), it is only when it fits their particular agenda. What an unwise nation we have become...



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