“A Lindenhurst Artist Emerges author: Donna Stephan “A Lindenhurst Artist Emerges Vito not only hits a home run with the first song “I’d Be There,” he has hit an historical grand slam with the completion of his first work of art. These “demos” are much more than just “significant!” As one of many who grew up with Vito and had the opportunity to see him play in the ‘70’s, I was certainly more than curious about this piece of music he had composed. But there was another element here: after watching--and at times being intimately involved in-- the rise and fall of the various music factions from our town, I was surprised and delighted that it was Vito who had emerged with original music! Those of you who were part of our group and experienced the full effect of every possible and sometimes humorous and incongruous! transmogrification of the bands will remember with great respect and heartbreak the talent and energy that poured forth from so many souls. Stay tuned for my ongoing, in-depth review of a compilation that asserts not only Vito’s outstanding musical talent, but his ability to translate the joys, tragedies, mysteries of life, the memories, philosophies, and the search for one’s self into ART. Copyright 2009 by Donna Christine Stephan.” ” - Donna Stephan

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