One helluva' wise quote from a brilliant mystic... 

Yea, this guy knew his psychology, for sure. Makes so much freakin' sense, and something that I just intuitively knew and understood myself. (So incredibly insightful, yet so simple). And the real reason why 'religion' itself can be so f*cked-up; and why it often attracts so many crazy people, and so many frauds to begin with. (There have been more killings, and bat crazy shit, and even lives destroyed in the name of religion, then almost anything else. i.e. The Crusades, The 'Holy' Wars, The Salem Witch…

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Discernment of Character and Basic Human Psychology 101 

So true... "When an honestly mistaken man sees the truth, one of two things happens: (1) he will either cease to be mistaken, or (2) he will cease to be honest. For he will either accept the truth or he will reject it." -Anonymous

Great Spirits & Mediocre Minds 

"How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill! There, even I would be a patriot." -Albert Einstein


The Justice That Comes from Compassion... 

While we're on this subject, and neither here nor there, but because of so much of the foolishness and hypocrisy I sometimes come across from so many of the Televangelists (and a crazy ole' musician friend I once knew, who crossed our circles, when some of us went thru that searching period, from time to time, and looking for the meaning to life, in Eastern Mysticism, Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, or whatever) or just coming across a quote like in these memes for instance, that really makes ya' think,…

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