1. Zion

From the recording Zion

Many creative individuals have a dream of that special place, where everything is beautiful and peaceful. Free from violence, war, evil, and lies. And all the other negative stuff that is quite often associated with those bad things, along with the bad people who usually cause them. Where justice and compassion rules. And where decent people can live out their dreams, unhindered. A place that you can call your own, if you will. John Lennon coined a phrase for that imaginary place as: "Nutopia". (You can call it whatever you like). I like to call it: "Zion". Which in reality, actually began with a vision originating with the jewish people, from a long time ago.

Websters definition of 'Zion' is this: "The ideal nation or society envisaged by Judaism. 2: Heaven. 3: Utopia." This song started out with the chords for the chorus composed on the guitar, over ten years ago already! I sort of developed the idea for the tune from there. And finally decided to brush it off (take it from the archives) and finish the song; As well as, make the track public, for all to hear. Hope you enjoy it...