I'm Right Here

Vito Masilotti & The New Era Band Project

This song was sort of written in the musical style of Stephen Bishop (with some Genesis influence thrown in) about a rather unusual and puzzling experience, in a rather unusual and puzzling place, with deep, dark secrets, discovered by more then one person. The "make her my wife" part in the lyrics, was basically just something to lend itself to the storyline. Kinda' wanted to go back and change that part in the track, as I thought it was somewhat of a weak part in the lyrics, but once the track is assigned an ISRC code for instance, you're unable to make any changes; as I also didn't have enough time to think of a better line to fit the subject matter, while lending itself to the lyrical story, so I just left it, thinking that I could always re-record and release it later. The whole idea, was to sorta like use the track to fit, and tie it into, the development of the Theme (Concept) album idea, with some of the other songs that I placed on the album, that had a direct bearing on, and a relationship with this idea, as was the case with the: 'Its a Feeling' and 'Oh No' tracks, for example. But also, a line like that, IS sorta like a line that Stephen Bishop would use, which sorta' gave me the idea for this particular part in the lyrics to begin with... The "psychic connection" part, seems to be something that I am still sorta' learning about, I guess (looking back on it all) where it very well may seem to be, where history may kind of like repeat itself in certain ways in someone's life, until the Universe finally achieves its purpose in some way, through, and in that person (or person's) life? And to possibly resolve certain things, in order to finally achieve that purpose? I don't know. Maybe. Once again, its deep. If anything does come thru on this album, I would think (all things considered) that its at least that...

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