Lift Me Up

The New Era

This is a song that I had originally written back in 1992. The main theme of this song, is to contrast those who may not have your best interests at heart, with those who do. And why, having good people in one's life (who believe in you) is so important. Especially, in times of trouble, and when you find yourself in a very difficult situation, that is not of your own making... Note: With all these things said however, the lyrics in this song (as with most of the other tracks here) are mostly for the purpose of entertainment. And, more or less, not necessarily personal. Nor, are some of the lyrics to necessarily be taken literally, or verbatim, in many cases. Even though, there may be a certain influence (or inspiration) there, depending on the song, and/or topic. And in some instances, even the particular choice of wording, is to sort of like, make the lyrics flow better, if you will. In certain spots, at least... Which parts are to be taken literally, and which are not? I'm not sayin'. Call it, pretty much an artist thing...

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