I'd Be There

Vito Masilotti & The New Era Band Project

This is pretty much a positive, fantasy type song, with allot of impressionistic, lyrical imagery, and musical colors; Partly inspired, by several books from futurist writer: Ray Kurzweil, entitled: "Fantastic Journey", and; "The Singularity Is Near!" It was written in an attempt to create surreal images of taking an imaginary trip thru time and connecting it to something of an abstract physical journey on the road to one's destiny. Sort of paving the way, if you will. At the same time, using the experience to invite those close friends who I have met along the way (or may meet) and those who are dear to me, to remember the special memories and dreams we shared...Those very same memories and dreams that help fuel the inspiration and insight to hopefully and eventually, despite all the obstacles (and negative experiences along the way) bring me to my final destination - as the ultimate purpose for one's life... A purpose that one could finally (and quite possibly) share with those individuals who may have always believed in you, did the right thing when you needed them to, and remained your true friends to the very end. Being there for them, as well, if they believed in you enough to want you to be... Is that deep, or what?! Too-Deep for me, that's for sure. In fact, I don't even know what I just said. Ahhh! What does this song really mean, anyway?! You know, sometimes I can sort of like relate to a statement by John Lennon, in one of his Rolling Stone interviews, regarding the story behind the writing of the songs to the Double Fantasy album, from what I remember. (Although, I am in no way comparing myself to Lennon, except as an admirer, and a sometimes source of inspiration), where he said something to the effect, that: "I would be sitting at the piano, or playing the guitar, and trying to write something, but nothing seemed to be coming-out." (Sounds like constipation! The way I'm sort of like paraphrasing it from memory, here. Right?) "When, all of a sudden, it's like, where you sort of become like a 'medium', in a way. And, bam! In a flash of inspiration, it just comes. It started with one song. And then, I was writing one song after another. And before I knew it, I had all the songs that I needed for the album. I don't know, if I can actually say that I really wrote it. But there it is..." For whatever it's worth, I seemed to always be able to relate to that statement myself. As in the case of this particular song, for instance. In fact, I think I may have channled the spirit of Walt Disney on this one. No, only kidding...


Ya' know, it's funny, but there is a line in this song that unintentionally turned-out to be some kind of prophecy in my life, much to my own astonishment, several years later; in relation to the events that transpired around the end of Oct. 2012, during the time when Hurricane Sandy struck the area, and during another very 'significant' (and difficult) event in my life that was happening at the same time. You see, the storm hit the area (and the whole eastern seaboard for that matter), when I was also in the process of moving from Walkersville, MD! It was pretty scary, in more ways then one...

Not sure what it means at this time in my life, if anything, or if it was just some kind of an incredible coincidence. But, it's regarding that line in the song that goes: "a storm rages around me, the wind everywhere. A door closes behind me..." Wow, can't believe it. Sometimes, for obvious reasons, I do think about it though. I mean, it's some coincidence, that's for sure, if nothing else... There does seem to be allot of that kind of stuff in my life though. But, I'm sure there are others who can probably relate in some way as well...

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