Oh No!

Vito Masilotti & The New Era Band Project

This is obviously a lyrically unique song, based on a very bizarre (and negative) situation, that I am not going to get into here, except to say that, it is one of the songs from: "The Walkersville Sessions" album, that has a direct bearing on it being somewhat of a 'Theme' album, and all. A song that I sort of like wrote "tongue in cheek", as the saying goes. In somewhat of a parody on lyrics. And turned it into something that one might possibly hear in a Stephen King movie, for example... Note: The lyrics in this song, as a songwriter often does, is to create lyrical imagery through one's music. And, as an outlet, if you will. (And in this particular case, to maybe even get at the truth in someway. Or, sort of like, "get it off your chest"). The choice of lyrics used here, is definitely not indicative of my feelings toward people, in general. It was kinda' more or less written in the spirit of Billy Joel's scathing song: "No Man's Land". O.k. on steroids!

And lyrically, more like a combination of: No Man's Land - Part 2 and The Eagles - 'Hotel California'... Basically, it's just one of those type of songs (as was the case with more then several of the tracks on the album), where I already had the music, (such as the chord changes and melody) already written, but just needed some material to write about; Although, the song was originally written some time ago already, but with just a bunch of throw-away type lyrics that I sang, so that we could play the tune live, and sort of like, jam with it... Actually, I wanted it to sound allot raunchier then it came out sounding in this particular take. (To sort of like, match the lyrics). Like a "Helter Skelter" kind of track, from The Beatles White album, for instance. But, just ended-up leaving it the way it was. And, to be honest, kind of felt a little awkward putting it on the album, and making it public. As was the case with some of the other tracks, as well. But, left it anyway. And decided to take a chance, and attempt to create some type of unique kind of "Theme" album concept, that nobody had ever done before. As, sort of like a musical experience (and experiment), if you will. (Somewhat like a "Concept" album, but different). That's how one learns, really. Where, you sort of like take a chance, and see what happens. (If anything). And then, take it from there... Basically, I just love to write music, and really enjoy recording; To sort of like, watch the songs develop and take shape, and come alive, if you will. I really get a big kick out of it... "It's alive I tell you. It's ALIVE!" Woyahahahaaa...

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