The Maiden In The Meadow (from: 'The Toast', by Steve Hackett)

Vito Masilotti & The New Era Band Project

This piece was recorded with the intention of being an instrumental prelude to the song, "Joan", for the album release on - using (what is to the best of my knowledge) a rather traditional classical melody; Arranged, with the purpose of being something of a soundtrack piece, and with the hope of someday writing a concept album about the life of: "Joan of Arc"; who has always been a person of fascination to me. And a historical figure, who I have always felt a great deal of compassion, admiration, and respect for; At least, since first learning about her during my catholic school days, as a kid... Note: The original recording of this brilliant melody (which I had always thought was some kind of traditional classical melody in the public domain incorporated into the song) may have actually been composed by Steve Hackett himself, with the full song itself, under copyright, with the title: 'The Toast'. Therefore, I have obtained a mechanical license to use this part of the track accordingly...

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