Eric Rudolph, and the Psychological Profile of a Natural Born Criminal, Killer, and Domestic Terrorist...

I have to say, there is currently an excellent Spectrum Original series that I would highly recommend, in relation to a sick, sadistic human being, and murderer, by the name of: Eric Rudolph - and the criminal, cruel, sadistic, brutal, crazy, violent environment that helped spawn him. Rudolph was a particularly vile (sadistic) and dangerous character, in that, when he created his explosive devices for instance, he actually  made them to cause maximum suffering and harm to his victims, by making these devices with shrapnel, containing things such as nails and other sharp objects. Rudolph was like a bad seed, and an evil retard. He is a monster (and like a rabid animal) right-wing extremist, who tried to justify the bombing and killing of innocent people, because of what he said were his religious beliefs! Claiming that Abortion Clinics are places where doctors kill unborn babies. Of course, it was just an excuse, for being a sick f*ck, and a reason to hurt and kill people. I especially despise the kind of sick, sadistic, personality types such as Rudolph, as they are particularly malevolent, devious, contemptible, cowardly, deceitful, and extremely dangerous psychopaths, in more ways then one. (See my post  here, dated Oct. 20th, 2018). Of course, the FBI f*cked up the investigation, and initially accused an innocent man (and the actual hero in the story) by the name of:  Richard Jewel (who practically jumped on a bomb planted by Rudolph! To protect the crowd at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta). And then, spent something like five years in the woods of western North Carolina looking for the real bomber, when they finally did admit, that it was really Rudolph who was the actual culprit; although it was a rookie cop who finally brought him in! After the cop inadvertently spotted someone (who turned out to be Rudolph himself) rummaging in a dumpster. Whew. Its like God himself wanted this son of a bitch...

"To these people, he's a god."  (Bystander in the flick). Whoa. Interesting. Hmm? 

"[The FBI], this highly trained team..." Um, you mean the same one the blamed and focused on Richard Jewel for months??? -tellurye (YouTube viewer)

Could that sorta' like be why Rudolph's brother actually cut off his hand with a chain saw in (alleged) protest?!!! Sorta like, chompin' at the bit? But really like, the events that were actually transpiring were even like blowing HIS mind?! (In a sick sorta way, of course). In other words, they're both just dumb, crazy, backwater motherf*ckers themselves. But one of them, just happened to take that craziness to a whole 'nother level? Could it be, that the brother, was in reality, like reasoning to himself: "What?! I know my brother is guilty as f*ck, and I agree with what he did, but they're actually going after an innocent man? Someone who almost actually jumped on the bomb himself, to protect the bystanders there, no less?! Are you kiddin' me?! I'm gonna lose my mind and cut off my FREAKIN' hand!" "And then take it out on this guy, Vito, I've heard so much about!"  Na, only kiddin'. But not really. (But you see where I'm goin' with this, right? Oh, yea). Although, It's exactly like the kind of psychological profile that I am talking about. (I know it like A BOOK now). But getting back to the story, in all fairness, the FBI did eventually admit they made a HUGE (deliberate?) mistake, and some even issued a formal apology to Jewel (although, interestingly, Louis Freeh wasn't one of them) but my point is, that there seems to be a pattern here, in more ways then one. i.e. Timothy McVeigh (among other things) for instance. Could there have been a relationship in some way? For instance, could there possibly have been some sympathizers of Rudolph among the local team searching for him in the woods of western North Carolina, and that's why they looked for him for years without actually apprehending him? Among other reasons, that have sorta like become part of the DNA within the agency? Some kind of conflict of interest, that fuels these nut jobs to like go that extra mile, if you know what I mean? And makes them like, hate the FBI even more? Because, they see this kind of often deliberate incompetence and hypocrisy (as part of that same kind of establishment) that kinda like threatens (and even sometimes doesn't, really) their own particular criminal conduct, and way of life? In other words, saying to themselves, something like: "If these guys can get away with it, why can't we? We see the chinks in your armor ourselves, and we will therefore act accordingly, as the crazy, criminal, motherf*ckers that we are, and laugh at you when you then delberately f*ck it up! How dare you then, try to investigate us" ? (Not withstanding, that there ARE some within the FBI who have been indicted and gone to prison themselves. Although, some cases are tougher then others). But, for instance (in continuing with this same train of thought, regarding the psychological profile that I have unfortunately become all too familiar with myself) Louis Freeh (who was the FBI director at the time, and ultimately in charge of this case) was actually elected to the Board of Directors of MBNA after his term as director was over! The ole' revolving door in Washington politics, that many want to eliminate, as it leads to a conflict of interest, and compromises those from acting in an ethical manner themselves, while in office. (MBNA was a bank, and credit card issuer, well known for many extremely serious, unethical business practices). Also, it is a fact, that there are those within the FBI who have like an inside relationship with many of these kind of financial institutions. (Yep, including the dirty ones!) And, who very well, may be using this to their advantage, in playing both sides of the fence, for instance. (Of course, that is a VERY serious crime in itself, but I'm not going to go there here, because I know ALLOT, having worked in the industry for quite some time. And knowing what I know, in itself, already puts me at risk). There are those trying to eliminate this as well. (In other words, like change the rules of the game, if you will, to provide much more transparency, legimtimate oversite, accountability, prosecution, and the like. As NO ONE should be above the law). I STRONGLY believe that this should be a MAJOR priority myself, as things are like WAY out of control now, but that's besides the point. (Sort of). O.M.G.

"Anyone stop by here because of the movie Richard Jewel?"  -Subversion (YouTube viewer)  "Mee..."

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