The Whistleblower

Incredible flick, that I just recently caught myself on Amazon Prime. It is DEFINITELY a must see. (As I mentioned on Twitter). And another big reason why the U.S. has ALL the warning signs. (For even though the movie exposes deep corruption within the U.N. it also exposes serious corruption in the related U.S. Delegation/Peace Keeping part of it, as a primary factor). Because, it also definitely seems to me (as I have stated before) that there are some pretty scary parallels to what was (and is) happening in the former Yugoslavia, now known as Bosnia (especially during their early, violent civil war period) and what is happening in America today. (And Bosnia doesn't even have the type of incredibly strange mass shootings that we have here in the U.S. on almost a daily basis now). So, while many of our politicians are d*cking around about the crazy shit they usually d*ck around about, and seemingly, always looking for the next war, and 'where to invade next', you have extremely disturbing shit like this, not even making the news, or seriously being addressed by our leaders, legislators, and federal law enforcement. Sad...

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